About Us

MRPC was founded by James Ranft in 2003 as a specialist publishing consultancy. Within our areas of expertise and based on an in-depth knowledge of current best practice, we offer advice and support to clients at both a strategic and operational level.


Publishing/Content Strategies

In helping clients articulate and implement coherent publishing and content strategies our start point is always the key business drivers:

  • Innovation and Growth
  • Performance and Competition
  • Revenue and Profit



We work with membership organisations and publishers, as well as companies and organisations that recognise publishing as key element in their customer interface. Work with clients includes ‘one-off’ assignments, but more typically  involves relationships extending over some years.


Work Projects

As early as possible in the publishing consultancy process we identify discreet projects by which we can drive things forward, short-circuiting lengthy analysis and recommendation phases.  It gets us quickly into those areas where targets are set, time scales agreed and accountabilities defined.

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